Give Love – 2,000 felines look to LHS for help each year.  Some were strays found on the streets, some were members of a family until they were relinquished by their owners.  All have the challenge of adjusting to a shelter environment while they await their new forever homes.  Until there is a perfect world, there is LHS’s Project Purrfect.  LHS is committed to providing a safe and healthy environment for cats in our facility and increasing awareness in the community relating to cat care & treatment, spay/neuter, and adoption.   There is no larger example of our success than the story of Juicey Juice.

Juicey lived at LHS for more than 800 days.  While she had developed an extensive fan base, they were all just friends, not family.  But thanks to Project Purrfect, Juicey remained happy and healthy—some might say a bit too healthy, as she weighed 20 lbs—until her family adopted her.  We receive Facebook updates on a regular basis from her new owner: “She is the queen of the house.  She has even lost weight and is getting very ‘fit’!  Lots of play time here!!  We don’t have any complaints about our gal.  She sleeps right on TOP of her daddy’s chest every night.  She is one happy cat!”

Teach Love – There is hope with our next generation that all animals will have value and every animal will have a forever home to call their own.  Through LHS’s community outreach and education programs, including our annual Critter Camps, nearly 2,500 individuals receive information on responsible, life-long pet ownership.  Through these programs, we are inspiring kind-hearted children to be advocates for the animals even at a very young age.

Spencer hosted his birthday party for the animals of LHS, collecting donations for the animals instead of presents for himself.  He collected much-needed supplies and $1,000 for the animals!

Adopt Love – Through the LHS adoption program, we matched nearly 4,500 homeless pets with loving owners just last year.  Sometimes it is hard to tell just who rescued whom…

“I adopted Mittens (formerly ‘Hemingway’) in June 2013.  He has extra toes!  I adopted him for company, as my fiancé travels a lot and I have anxiety issues.  He not only is attached to me (his mommy!) at the hip, but he knows when to help me out, when I need to play, or when I need to be cuddled.  I love him so much and he is the best cat ever!  Mittens is so in tune to my feelings and my emotions it is awesome.  He even wipes his little cheek on mine when I cry.  Thank you very much for my furry friend!” – Submitted by Ashley

Adopt Love – The unconditional love an adopted animal provides its owner is immeasurable.  Saving lives and finding homes for thousands of animals each year is hard work, but stories such as Erin and Karma’s keep us inspired and fully committed to promoting adoption as the best option.

“I have been disabled for a long time and as a result am usually very, very lonely.  Karma, on the other hand, wants to say ‘hi’ to every single person, cat, dog, and squirrel she meets.  For the first time, I’ve found myself talking to other people she has introduced me to when on our walks.  She also provides a friendly ear for me to just talk to.  She is my best friend, my confidant, and the best thing to ever enter into my life.  I love that little girl more than she will ever know.  I now have a friend to come home to and when I’m down, someone to smile about.  Thank you LHS for matching me with Karma.  Karma, thank you for just being perfect.”