Hamburg Journal’s Pet of the Week is a weekly feature that highlights a pet available for adoption from the Lexington Humane Society Adoption Center located at the Hamburg PetSmart.

MEET Frankie

Hamburg Journal’s Pet of the Week for April 10, 2018 is a Beagle mix named Frankie.

Frankie is 3 months old. She’s small but she’s still a growing puppy. She has tri-color fur, and the floppyest ears! She loves when you scratch behind her ears.

Frankie can be a little shy at first but warms up very quickly, especially if you have some toys she can play with. She loves to play fetch with a tennis ball, even if it’s the size of her head.

Come meet this adorable pup at the Hamburg PetSmart and give her a forever home!

Hamburg Journal and Lexington Humane Society

Hamburg Journal has a 15-year history of supporting the mission of the Lexington Humane Society. Every week, we introduce our readers to a new adoptable pet!

The LHS has two adoption locations, Old Frankfort Pike (main location) and the Hamburg PetSmart. Hamburg Journal’s Pet of the Week is available for adoption at the Hamburg PetSmart location. Hurry over and meet your next furry family member.

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