Bluegrass Care Navigators, a hospice organization, recently adopted three dogs to be trained as therapy dogs. The sweet pups were recently given names from the hundreds of suggestions submitted by supporters.

The first is Sampson, a male Yellow Labrador. His name means “service” and “sun”.

The second is Rosemary, a female Yellow Labrador. Her name means “remembrance”.

Lastly is Grace, a female Golden Retriever and will serve Eastern Kentucky. Her name means “in favor or good will” and “to honor”.

Bluegrass Care Navigators: two puppies running in the grass“We were amazed at the thoughtfulness and intention that so many people gave to the names they suggested for our animal therapists,” said program coordinator Whitney Clay. “The final names truly resonate with the care we provide, and they will be a beautiful first introduction that I am confident will bring meaningful connections to our patients and families.”

The puppies are still going through training to become certified as animal-assisted therapists. Bluegrass Care Navigators plans to officially begin their program in the spring of 2020.

This program was developed at the recommendation of the board of directors because they identified the need for supportive therapists to help make every moment count for each patient.  The Bluegrass Integrative Medicine program will include mind-body techniques like music and art therapy; body-based techniques that include acupuncture, massage, yoga and aromatherapy; and animal-assisted therapy.



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