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Challenges call for Changes

By Kevin Balcirak, CEO Body Structure


Life can change in a blink of an eye. In 1992 I was T-boned by a double loaded MACK truck going 65 mph. That impact led to 13 surgeries, 16 units of blood and three months in the hospital. It took a year before I could walk again. I understand how acute and chronic injuries can wear you down both physically and mentally. Throughout the recovery process, I realized the need for a facility such as Body Structure. Five years later, Body Structure was created to provide a path from medical conditions toward a healthier life.

I am humbled by the relationships my staff and I have developed over the years and the kind words that have been spoken about Body Structure and its team members. This can only happen to people who care and are committed to the well-being of others. Whatever challenges you may be dealing with will require change and often require a professional to help you remove barriers.

These are challenging times, especially as “negative thoughts” start to creep into your brain. It happens to all of us and is normal. The key is to work through those thoughts to get back on a positive path. Our team members can help provide you with those tools. Lasting change takes perseverance and by making small changes over time you will find yourself farther down the path than you thought possible. For all of us who value our health, longevity, and quality of life, Body Structure’s comprehensive team is here to safely guide you on that path to long-term results. Our team members find the most joy in making these kinds of stories come to fruition.

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“I found my 370-pound self at Body Structure. Kevin’s crew most literally saved my life. They pushed me…never once making me question my dignity. With lifestyle changes that they helped me internalize, I have lost 140 pounds. I owe my life to the team at Body Structure.  — Mark K

“I came to Body Structure years ago after a car accident with a neck injury and had great success. I knew where I needed to come for physical therapy when I started having trouble with my shoulder. This is the only place I will come for PT and live an hour away!” — Angela C.

About Body Structure

Body Structure was created over 20 years ago to provide a path to a healthier lifestyle. We believe in our methods of making better choices combined with healthy behavioral changes has produced a proven track record of proven results. Our highly-credentialed professionals evaluate and develop safe and time efficient programs. The Body Structure team emphasizes education, motivation, and accountability. Body Structure’s intimate, clean, and professional facility helps keep our clientele on their personalized journey. Our team of physical therapists, personal trainers, dietitians, health coaches, and massage therapists are here to collaborate and empower a long-term healthier you. We work each day believing we have “The knowledge to build a better body” and our goal is to transfer that knowledge to you. Let us help build you that better body.

Body Structure Medical Fitness is located at 2600 Gribbin Drive.



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