Meet Boots

Hamburg Journal’s Pet of the Week for Feb 15, 2018 is Boots, a sweet two year old shepherd mix. Boots has beautiful tuxedo black fur with white on his chest and paws – he is always well dressed for any occasion. He is a medium sized dog, weighing in at around 56 pounds. Boots can be shy at first but is very sweet and playful once the toys come out. He especially loves the ones that squeak!

Boots also plays well with other dogs and would be a great addition to the family. He is a big fan of belly rubs and won’t hesitate to lick your face to show his love towards you. Boots has been with Lexington Humane Society since early January, and wants to find his forever home!

These Boots are made for walking, and that’s just what they’ll do, one of these days Boots is gonna walk all over (your heart). Head to the Hamburg PetSmart now to adopt Boots!

Hamburg Journal and Lexington Humane Society

Hamburg Journal has a 15-year history of supporting the mission of the Lexington Humane Society. Every week, we introduce our readers to a new adoptable pet!

The LHS has two adoption locations, Old Frankfort Pike (main location) and the Hamburg PetSmart. Hamburg Journal’s Pet of the Week is available for adoption at the Hamburg PetSmart location. Hurry over and meet your next furry family member.

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