Frederick Douglass High School and Paul Miller Ford are working together in August to raise money. Where is the money going towards? What is the event? When is the event?

Frederick Douglass: a logo for paul miller fordThroughout the nation, programs are being cut or cancelled due to the schools budget. More and more students are being forced to miss out on programs and ways to express their talents.

Paul Miller Ford is bringing Ford Motor Company’s Drive 4 UR School to Lexington and to help the Football team of Frederick Douglass High School. The football team will have the opportunity to raise up to $6000 in a single day for a standard test drive. Every person who test drives a new Ford vehicle at the high school, the company will donate $20 to Frederick Douglass.

Frederick Douglass: a school building with cars in frontThis event is on Saturday, August 24 from 10 am until 3 pm at Frederick Douglass High School. Volunteers from the dealership will be on site to provide information regarding each vehicle.

To participate, please sign up here or visit the school on Winchester Road between the times given above. No purchase is necessary for the donation to occur.



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