You may be asking why does Idle Hour Park off St. Ann Drive, have goats?

The City of Lexington is trying a new technique to eat invasive species and clean up an overgrown, two-acre part of the par– “goatscaping.”

Park officials will use a herd of 17 goats over the next few weeks to chew down vegetation so the city can better assess the area and formulate a maintenance plan.

Being considered “natural lawnmowers” due to the notorious eating habits of goats, expectations are that they will clear an acre in a matter of weeks and will stay until the park is cleared in its entirety.

In the meantime, the goats will be confined using fencing and as a result of the newest park workers, crowds have flocked to the park to witness the novelty of it.

Using animals to clear areas, has shown to be a cheaper and a more eco-friendly alternative than using chemicals or heavy machinery.