Hamburg Neighborhood News – October 2020


Brighton Rail Trail Bridge Update

Mayor Linda Gorton and 6th District Councilmember Lisa Higgins-Hord recently announced that work on the much-anticipated Brighton Rail Trail Bridge has begun. “We’ve been looking forward to this day since 2009, when we started working on this funding. This bridge makes important connections to trails and neighborhoods,” Mayor Linda Gorton said.The 280-foot bridge, which is expected to be completed next summer, will connect rail trails east and west of Man O’ War Boulevard, spanning the road between Liquor Barn and the Brighton Place Shoppes.

Once the bridge is complete, the trail will stretch 4.5 miles, traveling through the Liberty Park and Hamburg neighborhoods to the west, and the Andover Forest neighborhood to the east.Once the bridge is complete, the trail will connect to bike lanes on Liberty Road, a shared-use trail in Liberty Park, and a trail connecting the Gleneagles neighborhood.

The driving factors for the construction of the federally funded $2.8 million bridge have been safety and connectivity.


A Letter From Lisa

Lisa Higgins-Hord, 6th District Councilmember, shared her first monthly newsletter in September. She hopes it will serve to connect members with district and city news, in addition to highlighting the good work of neighbors throughout the 6th District. “If your neighborhood or organization is working to address the needs of our community, I would love to use this space to share your efforts,” says Higgins-Hord.


Coleman Crest Farm Revitalizes

Coleman Crest Farm held a historic groundbreaking ceremony in honor of the late Cathy C. Coleman in September. Jim Coleman plans to turn his family’s farm of 130 years into a community asset, once again producing crops. Coleman is inspired by the vision of his late wife, Cathy. Coleman Crest Farm is located on Royster Road off Winchester Road.


Will’s Egg Service


Evans Mill Cattle Co. & Kangal Dogs announced the launch of an egg delivery service beginning in October. “COVID 19 has wreaked havoc on all of us.

Photo credit David Traxler

The last 6 months has probably been the toughest many of us have had to endure. It has also given us the opportunity to evaluate our lives and our priorities. It has given us more time with our families and also challenged us to think outside the box and find new ways to connect with our community and add value to our lives. Trying to keep a teenager like Will engaged over the last six months has not been easy. We discovered one thing he really enjoys are his chickens and one thing he really needs is structure. We ordered more chickens, giving Will more work. Outschool had a really basic “Raising Chickens 101” online class he loved. We quickly outgrew the hen house and ordered an amazing mobile, solar powered, chicken house and a er months of preparing, the eggs are rolling!We also learned during this time that local food is important to people, as is delivery service and convenience.

I am proud to announce Will’s egg delivery service will begin on Thursday, October 1st.You can subscribe for $25.00 per month and receive eggs once a week or $12.50 and receive eggs every other week. We will also be establishing a pick up location in Lexington soon.You can learn more or order your eggs at


In-person voting locations

Lexington citizens can vote early in-person from October 13 through November 2, and on Election Day, November 3, at these locations:

  • Tates Creek Branch Library, 3628 Walden Dr.
  • Northside Branch Library, 1733 Russell Cave Road
  • Beaumont Branch Library, 3080 Fieldstone Way
  • Dunbar Center, 545 N. Upper St.
  • Lexington Senior Center, 195 Life Lane (behind Southland Christian Church on Richmond Road)
  • BCTC Leestown Campus, 164 Opportunity Way



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