Curbside Pet Pick-up & Drop-off
petAlthough Hamburg PetSuites’ main lobby is closed, the resort is offering curbside pick-up and drop-o options. Just pull up to the curb, text or call (859.286.5827) an associate inside, and your pet will be escorted in or out.

Lexington Dog Parks
As of press, Lexington city dog parks, with the exception of Jacobson Park, are still open, but guests must still practice social distancing. Jacobson Dog Park is temporarily closed.

LHS Donation Campaign
Partnering with Nancy Barron and Associates, the Lexington Humane Society is beginning a matching donation campaign. Now through May 31, all donations made to LHS will be matched up to $10,000. For those that can only donate $5, your donation then turns into $10.

Pet Adoptions
With quite a few Lexingtonians working from home, and staying healthy from home, companion animal adoptions might be up.

But potential adoptive families should evaluate their circumstances carefully. “While adopting a pet is a great idea, especially during this time, it is important to keep in mind it is a forever adoption,” said Ashley Hammond, Director of Fundraising at the Lexington Humane Society. “This pandemic will not last forever (thankfully), but keeping an animal is a forever decision.”

Unfortunately, LHS anticipates more owner surrenders in the coming weeks and months from those who adopted during their quarantine.

Hammond recommends becoming part of their foster team to take in animals for short terms.

Currently, the main adoption site (1600 Old Frankfort Pike) is appointment-only adoptions, and the adoption center at PetSmart in Hamburg is doing pre-approved adoptions.

Both locations only allow one individual at a time during the adoption appointment.

Dog Behaviors
The International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants (IAABC) has created posters for dog parks to help owners understand their pets’ mannerisms when they are meeting new friends.




This article also appears on page 26 of the May 2020 print edition of Hamburg Journal.

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