Is Harmony Day Montessori School moving its location? If so, where is it going? Where is it located now? What exactly is Harmony Day Montessori School?

logo that has blues, greens, and yellows that says harmony day montessori school in blackThe school took to their Facebook page to announce that they will be moving their school location. They are currently located at 2885 Rio Dosa Dr and will move 3.6 miles down Richmond Road where Walton, North Ashland, and National Avenue corridor.

The school models their program after Maria Montessori, who was an Italian physician that spent her lifetime observing children and creating an educational program that provides opportunities for hands-on learning. Their goal is to inspire students to develop inner-discipline, self-assurance, and a passion for learning.

They are currently accepting new students for both toddler (18 months through age 3) and primary (ages 3-6 years) programs.




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