The Kids Eat Here program will fill 8,000 backpacks with nutritious, kid-friendly food provided by God’s Pantry Food Bank and a flyer listing all the locations where children can eat breakfast and lunch this summer. The backpacks will be distributed by family resource officers throughout the school district.

“More than 40 sites across the city will serve free meals to kids in June and July,” said Stephanie Hong, director of the Divison of Youth Services. “These meals are available to any child regardless of family income level.”

In addition to backpacks, the Kids Eat Here program will distribute 800 food boxes to needy families through local community centers. The boxes will assist families by supplying additional nutrition as they transition to summer break.

“The Food Bank is pleased to be part of a collaborative effort in Lexington to kick off the start of the Summer Food Service Program,” said Marian Guinn, CEO of God’s Pantry Food Bank. “During the summer, many children who typically receive free or reduced price meals through their school are left without this important source of meals. That’s why community partnerships such as Kids Eat Here are so vital to increasing children’s access to nutritious food through summer feeding sites.”

Nearly 21,000 children in Fayette County Public Schools students receive free or reduced-cost meals during the school year.

“Kids Eat Here welcomes all children 18 and younger to come join us for meals throughout the summer. We look forward to seeing you soon,” said Michelle Coker, the district’s director of Child Nutrition.

Parents can learn more about the Summer Food Service Program locations by calling the FCPS Child Nutrition office at (859) 381-3846, by visiting or by using the list provided to the right.

Backpacks will contain: 2 single serving cereals, 2 small milks, 2 cereal bars, 2 applesauce cups, 2 Chef Boyardee meals, 2 juice boxes, 2 pudding cups.

Food boxes will contain: 4 Chef Boyardee meals, 2 juice boxes, 2 small & 1 large shelf stable milks, 1 pudding pack, 1 skillet meal, 1 jar of peanut butter, 1 can of chili, 1 bag of macaroni, 1 spaghetti sauce, 2 mac/cheese meals, 1 can green beans, 1 can applesauce, 1 can corn, 1 pancake mix, 1 box Kashi cereal, 1 box of cereal bars. Will add fresh potatoes and frozen meat where possible.

FREE Summer Meals Here!

7th Street Community Center: Lunch, Mon.-Fri. 12-1:00pm and Snack, Mon.-Fri. 3:30-4:00pm
Appian Place (3645 Appian Way): Lunch, Mon.-Fri. 12-1:00pm
Breckinridge Elementary School: Lunch, Mon.-Fri. 11-11:30am (6/16-8/1)
Booker T. Washington Intermediate School: Lunch, Mon.-Wed. 12:20-1:00pm (6/23-7/16)
Booker T. Washington Primary School: Lunch, Mon.-Fri. 12-12:30pm (6/16-8/1)
Brucetown Park: Lunch, Mon.-Fri. 12-1:00pm
Cardinal Valley Elementary School: Breakfast, Mon.-Thurs. 8:30-8:55am (6/23-7/8), Lunch, Mon.-Fri. 11-11:30am (6/16-8/1)
Cardinal Valley Neighborhood Park: Lunch, Mon-Fri. 12-1:00pm
Castlewood Park: Lunch, Mon.-Fri. 12-1:00pm
Consolidated Baptist Church: Dinner, Mon.-Fri. 7-8:00pm (open site from June 9th-June 13th)
Deep Springs Elementary School: Breakfast, Tues.-Fri. 12-12:30pm (6/17-6/27), Lunch, Tue.-Fri. 12-12:30pm (6/17-6/27)
Dixie Elementary School: Lunch, Mon.-Fri. 11-11:30am (6/16-8/1)
Douglass Park: Lunch, Mon.-Fri. 12-1:00pm
Dunbar Community Center: Lunch, Mon.-Fri. 12-1:00pm
Duncan Park: Lunch, Mon.-Fri. 12-1:00pm
Embrace United Methodist Church: Lunch, Mon.-Thurs. 1-1:30pm
Fox Run Apartments: Lunch, Mon.-Fri. 12-1:00pm
Full Circles Limestone Street: Breakfast, Mon-Fri. 9-9:30am (7/14-8/1), Lunch, Mon.-Fr. 12-12:30pm (7/14-8/1)
Gainesway Park: Lunch, Mon.-Fri. 12-1:00pm
Green Acres Park: Lunch, Mon.-Fri. 12-1:00pm
Harrison Elementary School: Lunch, Mon.-Fri. 11-11:30am (6/16-8/1)
Highland Park: Lunch, Mon.-Fri. 12-1:00pm
James Lane Allen Elementary School: Lunch, Mon.-Fri. 12-12:20pm (6/16-8/1)
Julius Marks Elementary School: Lunch, Mon.-Fri. 11-12:00pm (6/16-6/20)
Lansdowne Elementary School: Breakfast, Mon.-Fri. 7:40-8:00am (6/23-7/18), Lunch, Mon.-Fri. 11:40-12:00pm (6/23-7/18)
Lexington Traditional Magnet School (LTMS): Lunch Mon.-Fri. 12-12:30pm (6/16-8/1)
Martin Luther King Academy (MLK): Breakfast, Mon.-Fri. 8:30-9am (6/16-7/18), Lunch, Mon.-Fri. 12-12:30pm (6/16-7/18)
Martin Luther King Park (MLK): Lunch, Mon.-Fri. 12-1:00pm
Mary Todd Elementary School: Lunch, Mon.-Fri. 12-12:30pm (6/16-8/1)
Millcreek Elementary School: Lunch, Mon.-Fri. 11-11:30am (6/16-8/1)
Northern Elementary School: Lunch, Mon.-Fri. 11-11:30am (6/16-8/1)
Prall Town Park: Lunch, Mon.-Fri. 12-1:00pm
Queen Avenue (17 Queen Avenue): Lunch, Mon.-Fri. 12-1:00pm
Race for Education (1818 Versailles Road): Lunch, Mon.-Fri. 12-1:00pm
Shiloh Baptist Church: Dinner, Mon.-Fri. 5-6:00pm (6/23 – 6/27)
Southern Middle School: Breakfast, Mon.-Fri. 8:30-9:00am (6/16-7/25), Lunch, Mon.-Fri. 12-12:30pm (6/16-8/1)
STEAM Academy: Breakfast, Mon.-Fri. 8:00-8:30(6/16-7/3 & 7/14-18 & 7/28-8/1), Lunch, Mon.-Fri. (6/16-7/3 & 7/14-18 & 7/28-8/1)
Tates Creek Campus: Lunch, Mon.-Fri. 12-12:30pm (6/16-8/1)
Tates Creek Park: Lunch, Mon.-Fri. 12-1:00pm
Total Grace Baptist Church: Breakfast, Mon.-Fri. 8-8:40am (6/9-8/1), Lunch, Mon.-Fri. 12-12:40pm (6/9-8/1)
Van Buren (1571 Van Buren): Lunch, Mon.-Fri. 12-1:00pm
Village Branch Public Library: Lunch, Mon.-Fri. 11:30-12:30pm, Snack, Mon-Fri. 3:30-4:00pm
Whitley Young Park: Lunch, Mon.-Fri. 12-1:00pm
William Wells Brown Elementary School: Breakfast, Mon.-Fri. 9-9:45am (6/23-8/1), Lunch, Mon.-Fri. 1-1:30pm (6/16-8/1)
Winburn Matador Apartments: Lunch, Mon.-Fri. 12-1:00pm / Winburn Middle School: Lunch, Mon.-Fri. 11-11:30am (6/16-8/1)