It was a sad day for doughnut lovers when a Krispy Kreme Doughnuts truck caught fire on the corner of Man O’War and Pink Pigeon Parkway on New Year’s Eve.

seires of picturs with distraught officers and a burnt krispy kreme truck in the backgroundPolice Officers arrived at the scene to find all the doughnuts in the truck had been lost. To make light of the situation, many officers posed with the burnt truck in the background with sad and gloomy expressions.

After posting these pictures on their social media accounts the incident went viral. BBC wrote an article about the tragic loss and shared tweets from other officers giving the LPD their condolences. The Oxford Police Department went the extra mile and posted a fun gif of Brick Tamland (played by Steve Carell) yelling “WHY?!!”.

With how much distress this fire caused the LPD, Krispy Kreme made a special delivery. Escorted by police officers, a truck carrying Krispy Kreme Doughnuts were taken to the two officers in a helicopter delivering krispy kremeofficers who responded to the scene at the East Sector at Centre Parkway. The NYPD also came to the aid of the Lexington Police Department. Within 24 hours, they tweeted the LPD a picture of 2 officers in a helicopter saying “Hang tight, we are sending backup forthwith, and these guys came prepared. We hope you like sprinkles.”

It’s always nice when Kentucky, especially Lexington, can make the national news. Even world news. Stay funny LPD.

It should be said that the driver of the truck was able to safely exit the vehicle.


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