Most of the 4,200 animals arriving at Lexington Humane Society (LHS) each year are healthy, happy animals who, by no fault of their own, find themselves homeless. But for some, being homeless is only part of the problem. These special animals are in need of intensive care to cure their illnesses or heal their wounds. Over 100 of these animals looked to LHS for help last year through their Second Chances program. Mae was one such lucky lady.

Looking at Mae you would never understand why she ended up in a shelter and you would never know she was very sick. Mae was suffering from heartworm disease, which could have killed her if she hadn’t received the treatment she needed.

Treating for heartworms is a long and costly process, but thanks to LHS’s Second Chances and Foster Care programs, Mae was able receive the medical attention and TLC necessary to overcome her illness. Mae is now paying it forward, acting as a therapy dog who accompanies her new owner to work each day to bring love and joy to extended-care patients.
Mae also has a little girl, Aidan, to call her very own.