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Your Neighbor to Know at Hamburg’s PetSuites


October is the traditional celebration of the patron saint of animals, Saint Francis of Assisi, which is accompanied in many communities by the Blessing of the Hounds and the Blessing of the Animals.

Frances Ankeny’s first name is spelled a little differently than the famous Saint Francis, but she is definitely one of our neighborhood’s favorite animal lovers.

Frances is from Keene, Kentucky and grew up in the country, beginning her lifelong love of animals and taking care of them.

Most days you’ll find her at Hamburg’s PetSuites on Bryant Road where she’s blended that love with a professional career.

Frances Ankeny, PetSuites

Before joining PetSuites, she frequently traveled for work. After she got married and began a family, she realized she was ready for a career change that kept her closer to home. She asked herself, “What better job to have than one where I get to relive my childhood and take care of other people’s babies —and then come home and enjoy my own.”

PetSuites and doggie daycare offered her an opportunity to do just that: treating other’s babies just like her own. Based on her professional background filled with travel, she also knew, “having peace of mind while you are away is so important.”

Having settled on wanting to offer an array of services an operation like PetSuites could provide (boarding, grooming, doggie day care and more), she knew the right location would be key.

She enthusiastically embraced Hamburg and southeast Lexington because she sees this area as a large, upbeat, trendy, career/family minded community, and she knew she wanted to be a part of that.

With so many families living in this area, she wanted to give them a convenient and loving place to board their dogs, whether it was for a day, or for weeks.

The most rewarding aspect she’s come to experience at work is “when I see the Pet Parents and their furry babies reunite after being away.”

“I am very proud of remaining true to myself and my beautiful family.”

Having had dogs throughout her life, Frances has come to understand the patience, dedication, and commitment it takes to properly care for any animal.

Her advice for those thinking about taking the leap and adding a pet to the family? She suggests you stay strong and be patient. Don’t give up on that furry animal so quickly when they don’t seem to pick up on commands right away. Puppies like structure and consistency, especially when it comes to feeding and potty breaks. Most importantly? Enjoy every moment you have with them and take lots of pictures because they grow up fast.

Those new to puppy love should also know that the decision to add pets to your household will mean there’s never a dull moment.

She still laughs about the time her dogs gave her an accidental fright. “When I lived in Louisville, I worked very long hours. I came home to a dark house and heard a voice in my empty home. I was so scared and went to check on my babies, Jet and Jazzy. When I turned the corner, they were chilling on my bed watching Friends and eating their snacks!”

These days, when Frances isn’t at work taking care of your four-legged friends, you’ll most likely find her with her family. Whether it’s a sunny day at the pool, or just spending time with them outside getting fresh air and exercise — any day she spends with her family is the perfect day in her eyes.

She’s proud of Lexington and loves to show it off when friends visit — introducing them to Keeneland and our local distilleries and wineries. She enjoys showcasing her city and neighborhood, because they’re filled with amazing experiences.

Frances Ankeny is a proud mother, wife, and a lover of animals, and you can meet her at the Hamburg PetSuites.

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This article also appears on page 11 of the September 2019 print edition of Hamburg Journal.

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