The Kroger in Man O’War Place located on Richmond Road is getting a $3 million makeover for their location. The newly announced project is set to start in mid-March and be completed in August of 2018.

front view of KrogerAmong the prominent features included in the remodel is the expansion of the pharmacy, the beer department while also relocating the floral department, the produce section, the cheese department and updating the deli and bakery and seating throughout the building.

In addition, speedier checkout options will be available. Kroger’s ClickList program which allows customers to order online and select a time for them to pick up their groceries without ever leaving their vehicle.

There are also plans to eventually include home delivery options. Kroger has already started the “Scan, Bag, Go” program at other locations and plans to expand it later this year. With this program, The shoppers use a handheld scanner or a smartphone app to scan bar codes of items they want to purchase and it tallies up the total without ever needing a cashier.

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