Living Lexington’s longtime dream

By Kristina Rosen


The dream of a Starbucks on every corner might not yet be fulfilled for Lexington, but that fantasy is a few steps closer to true for Hamburg.

A few months ago, construction began on a structure at the corner of Man O’War and Polo Club Blvd. According to building permits, it will be a Starbucks, but there’s no word yet on a completion date.

This new location will become the seventh Starbucks within a five mile radius.

Our suburban Starbucks Trail is an easy to follow route that allows you to hit all seven locations in our neighborhood, beginning at the forthcoming Starbucks and ending on Richmond Road.


The Soon-to-Be Starbucks 

From the size and layout observed so far, it appears this one will have a drive thru, immediately canceling out its closest competitor. It’s situated on the corner of Man O’War and Polo Club Blvd with a Costco in walking distance. Advantage. This is the ideal Starbucks for coffee on the other side of Interstate 75.


Plaudit Place Starbucks

Let’s get right to it: no drive-thru. This location also loses points for the struggle that is pulling .3 miles off of a busy Man O’War and then having to get out of the car. Points gained for accepting mobile payments, which makes walking inside to order a little more efficient.


Winchester Road Starbucks

This location automatically receives points for having a drive-thru and accepting mobile payments. It is located .2 miles off of Winchester on Elkhorn Road and is within a 5 minute walk of Lowe’s and Walmart.


Target Starbucks

No one needs an extra reason to go to Target; it beckons us daily. But it’s still nice knowing a Starbucks awaits you a mere three steps inside the store. This location isn’t anybody’s first choice go-to, but it’s ideal if you need to caffeinate your errands for a big shop.


Barnes & Noble Cafe

This Starbucks is the silent hero among the others. Deep inside the bookstore is a hidden Starbucks Cafe. It’s the ideal location to host a quiet meeting, waste some time, or hide out from work with your laptop without anyone finding you. Along with free in-store WiFi, you can choose from an abundance of free eBooks to read while you sip and relax.


Starbucks inside Kroger Marketplace on Richmond Road

A Kroger with a Starbucks inside is the best type of Kroger, right? This location is the most ideal if you need caffeine to steel yourself for grocery shopping. It’s located .4 miles off of Richmond Road. No drive-thru of course, so it loses points for convenience.


Richmond Road Starbucks

Less than a mile towards town is the final Starbucks on our suburban trail. Situated on the corner of Old Todds and Richmond Road, it’s a quick five minute drive from the Kroger location, with the obvious advantage of not needing to get out of your car. Extra points for outdoor seating, and a cupcake shop as a next door neighbor. It’s also a one or two-minute drive from your Lowe’s and Home Depot errands. Orders can be paid through mobile devices, too.



This article also appears on page 10 of the May 2020 print edition of Hamburg Journal.

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