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Meet the team behind Garage Solutions Central Kentucky


The goal of the Garage Solutions of Central Kentucky team is to help homeowners transform their garage into a more attractive, organized, functional space.

Owners Toni and Butch Davis and their installation team enjoy the interaction with home-owners in discussing options that best suit their unique needs and installing storage solutions in their garage that are right for them.

Most of us appreciate the garage for the space it provides for equipment and supplies, such as rakes, shovels, ladders, gardening tools, golf clubs, bikes, and balls. However, as time goes on, the garage may also become a place where we store additional items, such as bulky or off-season items, household supplies, or an extra refrigerator.

Soon, there is not enough space to park cars in the garage. During Butch’s initial conversation with homeowners, many express their dissatisfaction with the appearance and over-abundance of items stored in their garage. Subsequently Butch meets with the homeowners to measure their garage and discuss their specific needs and storage options. Butch designs one or more layout options with appropriate storage solutions, consults with the homeowner to make adjustments, provides a quote, and schedules the installation.

A popular first step in the garage transformation is the installation of the epoxy-chipped flooring to turn the garage floor into an attractive, durable, easy-to-maintain floor. Customized cabinets are often added to organize items and keep them out of sight. Homeowners can also select from a variety of shelving systems and bars to store, hang and/or layer items on walls. For garages with high ceilings, overhead racks can store bulky or seldom-used items, including seasonal items like Christmas decorations, getting them of the garage floor.

The most common reactions we receive from customers afterwards are: “Wow.” “This is so much better than we ever imagined!” “Now we can find things.” “The garage looks so neat.” “I enjoy walking through the garage now.” “We didn’t have much of a clutter problem, we just wanted to come home and pull into a beautiful, jaw-dropping garage instead of a dirty, drab, boring box.”

Let Garage Solutions help you transform your garage beyond your imagination!

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