BrightonTrail_MayorGorton_HJMayor Linda Gorton held a news conference on September 27, 2021 to officially open the new Brighton Rail Trail Bridge across Man O’ War Boulevard. She was joined at the east ramp entrance to the bridge, by Councilmembers David Kloiber and Kathy Plomin.

Like many projects, the opening of the bridge was delayed by supply chain setbacks.

The 300-foot bridge connects more than a mile of the Liberty Trail to the two-mile-long Brighton Rail Trail. The connected shared use trail travels through the Liberty Park and Hamburg neighborhoods over into the Andover Forest neighborhood, ending at Deer Haven Park. Users can access the bridge over Man O’ War Boulevard via ramps at each end of the structure.

BrightonTrail_RibbonCutting_HJ“We are happy to take this across the finish line,” Kloiber said. “Many people have put a lot of time and effort into this project over the years. We are happy it has finally culminated in an amenity that will connect more areas of the 6th District by way of this multi-use trail.”

Councilmember Plomin said, “I live nearby and walk the Brighton Trail often. I am so excited about the trail’s connection to Liberty Road and Liberty Park. The trailhead is off of Walnut Hill, a 12th District rural road, and this connection gives the trail close to 4 continuous miles to walk, run, or bike. I love that it also improves on residential connectivity to Hamburg.”

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