The University of Kentucky Human Development Institute is hosting its Summer Leadership Experience this July. The program offers high school juniors and seniors with mild to moderate disabilities a glimpse of the college experience. Held on campus and lasting a week, Monday, July 17, through Friday, July 21, the program will help prepare students who want to transition to higher education.

The Summer Leadership Experience includes round table discussions with college students and faculty, and presentations and activities centered around the following topics:

  • self-discovery;
  • preparing for college;
  • health and wellness;
  • vocational rehabilitation;
  • college admissions/student life/advising/financial aid;
  • self advocacy;
  • accommodations;
  • technology;
  • independent living;
  • campus tour; and
  • mentoring.

“Students with disabilities will learn valuable skills sets needed to make a successful transition to college,” said Camp Director Teresa Belluscio. “A successful transition to college for students with disabilities is all about preparation, knowing your rights and having the self-advocacy skills needed to maneuver the college environment. Students participating in the Summer Leadership Camp will learn self-advocacy, self-determination and self-disclosure skills needed to succeed in college. Uncover these skills at our Summer Leadership Training Camp.”

The program is limited to 15 students, and the cost is $10 to secure reservation and a T-shirt. Lunch will be provided. Interested students will need to fill out an application and complete an interview with the camp director.  

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