Unicorns and Lollipops

Ponies in the neighborhood

Unicorns and Lollipops is a new pony ride destination set to debut in June.

The forthcoming site, located at Sumrtym Farm on Combs Ferry Road, off Winchester Road, will offer pony rides, birthday parties, and more.

Owner Summer Frost says, “This is going to be magical. That is exactly what I want those kids to have…magic.”

The farm features a herd of ponies, along with a carriage house, a birthday party room, gift shop, and an area that is known as Bunnyland. Additional amenities include a mermaid cart, covered wagon, and vintage wagon.

Unicorns & Lollipops has been three years in the making, and Councilmember Kathy Plomin has been aware of the project for about a year and a half, when she first came out to visit the site.

Plomin explains, “It was kind of like…what else is out there?” in terms of kid-friendly activities in this area of her district. “I can’t think of a kids’ destination that is out in the 12th district,” she says.

Although Raven Run and Kentucky Horse Park fall within her district, Plomin points out, “They’re not kid destinations” specifically.

Plomin says that the farm can host a variety of group gatherings, from church and family gatherings, to young kids.

While the Hamburg area’s history is literally built around horse farms, there are no pony farms open for kids to come and learn and play. “It is really cool for young children to come to our countryside, and to know that they can come out and enjoy things like riding ponies, learning about riding ponies. It is the perfect, fun atmosphere.” Plomin adds, “I wish I was six again.”

Unicorns & Lollipops opens soon.



This article also appears on page 8 of the May 2021 print edition of Hamburg Journal.

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