The First Watch on the corner of Man O’War and Richmond Road is moving. Are they still open? Have they already moved? When will the new location open?

a building that says First Watch and LaRosa's on the frontThe First Watch near Golf Exchange and Texas Roadhouse on the corner of Man O’War and Richmond Road is leaving that location and will be attached to the LaRosa’s down the road.

The original location has already closed it’s doors, but will open their doors at the new location on April 22. Golf Exchange has decided to utilize the now vacant space where the breakfast place use to be so they can expand and hold more merchandise.

Even though First Watch and LaRosa’s share a building, the pizzeria will not open it’s doors until May 13.

For the big First Watch fans, you can grab breakfast at their other 3 locations while the finishing touches are being done for the Richmond Road location.

A building with a small black gate in front that says First Watch and a green sign that says Golf exchange





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