On Wednesday, September 9, Mayor Linda Gorton and 6th District Councilmember Lisa Higgins-Hord announced that work on the much-anticipated Brighton Rail Trail Bridge has begun.

“We’ve been looking forward to this day since 2009, when we started working on this funding. This bridge makes important connections to trails and neighborhoods, making it possible for more people to access the trail,” Mayor Linda Gorton said.

The 280-foot bridge, which is expected to be completed next summer, will connect rail trails east and west of Man O’ War Boulevard, spanning the road between Liquor Barn and the Brighton Place Shoppes.  Users will access the bridge via ramps on each end of the structure.

Once the bridge is complete, the shared use trail will stretch 4.5 miles, traveling through the Liberty Park and Hamburg neighborhoods to the west, and the Andover Forest neighborhood to the east. “Brighton is a beautiful place to get outside and get exercise,” Gorton said. “Portions of it are tree-lined.”  There are multiple access points.

“Residents of the 6th District are thrilled that construction is finally beginning on the Brighton Rail Trail Pedestrian bridge,” Higgins-Hord said. “The bridge will connect the existing trail sections to create a safe shared-used trail option for families and citizens to enjoy. The new connection will elevate the quality of life for all of those who choose to use the trails’ connectivity to access park amenities, shopping, and increased pedestrian walkability.”

Brighton Rail Trail was Lexington’s first rail-trail, and it is the primary off-road shared use trail in the eastern half of Fayette County. Once the bridge is complete, the trail will connect to bike lanes on Liberty Road, a shared-use trail in Liberty Park, and a trail connecting the Gleneagles neighborhood.

More than 40,000 people use Liberty Park, Brighton Rail, and the Gleneagles trails annually.

The driving factors for the construction of the federally funded $2.8 million bridge have been safety and connectivity.


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