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About Lexington’s Hamburg Journal

Introduced in 2003, Hamburg Journal was designed as a monthly magazine devoted specifically to meeting the rapidly growing needs of the residents and businesses of what would become Lexington’s largest suburb.

Print is just the beginning. The Hamburg Journal is mailed directly to homeowners and business owners throughout southeast Lexington, and is also available via its rack program at conveniently located distribution points in and around the area like the Hamburg YMCA and the Eastside Library, along with retailers like My Favorite Things. HJ also has a thriving social media footprint which includes daily engagement with our readers on instagram, twitter, and facebook.

Readers of HJ, as it’s affectionately known, will find in its pages a wealth of information concerning Hamburg’s business growth and development, health-related topics, new business updates, a monthly calendar, and dedicated sections every month to both Kids & Families, and Lexington’s Senior Living community. You can also subscribe to digital delivery of the print edition.

Quick Facts

Frequency: Monthly
Material: Magazine
Distribution: Lexington, KY
Reach: 40509, 40505, 40517 and adjacent zip codes