By Ricki Rosenberg, Writing Coach

At Athens-Chilesburg Elementary, teachers know how to make writing purposeful and meaningful. They encourage student choice and writing about topics that matter to students. Students realize that their writing can and should impact others, making the world a better place. For example, after the students went to a traveling art exhibit at the UK Art Museum, they wrote letters to teachers in the community where the exhibit was going next, explaining to the teachers why they should take their students to the exhibit. Also, when students read about the negative effects of plastic store bags, they wrote essays telling other students their opinions and then shared their essays on our Morning News show on Earth Day. That way, their ideas could influence other people, which in turn is good for the environment. In addition, students recently wrote letters to Headmaster Tresize in Colorado after reading about how the headmaster suspended a student for shaving her head to comfort her friend when she lost her hair to chemotherapy. The students at ACE know the power that their words can have and often use their words to take action and influence other people.

Ashely Brock and Shelley Decker, second grade teachers say, “We are blessed to have an amazing group of students in our second grade class this year at Athens-Chilesburg Elementary. They have worked extremely hard and have blossomed into talented writers. When we asked our students to write about what makes their mothers so special, we knew they would rise to the challenge.The real challenge we faced was selecting only 6 entries out of 47 students. We are overjoyed to have the opportunity to share their talents with our community. We emphasize how important real world writing is and the impact they can make with their powerful words.”

Below is a selection of essays from A.C.E. students.

Lucy Raiche – My life is pretty normal but one time made it special. I have an older brother – annoying, loud, glum, and immature older brother. While he was playing with his friends, Mom gave me a little smirk and pulled something out of her purse. I saw it and giggled. It was something he would have wanted and every time I got something and he wanted it, mom said share. But this time he was gone, and the thing that she pulled out was a giant Easter egg cookie! I couldn’t believe she got it for me and me only. I ate the cookie just in time. My brother walked right in the door. Mom just winked.

Ashley Powell One day I got in trouble, but my mom didn’t know. My dad told me to tell my mom what I did. My dad left the room and she sat down and started to love on me. She said in a soft voice, “Tell me what you did.” I told her what I did but she didn’t start to get mad at me, she just kept loving on me. After that night me and her slept together on the couch and she told me she loves me even if I get in trouble. This is why I think my mom is special and I love her.

Bailey Wilson – Even though my mommy has lots of things to do she still spends time with me. One time she took me and gave me a Barbie movie. One of my favorites! I put it in. Mommy told me to snuggle up with her and oooo it was cozy. By the time the movie was over we were already asleep. My mom is so special, she will spend time with me even though she has other things to do. I love my mommy!

Sawyer Covey-2nd Athens-Chilesburg Elementary
Even though my mom has my sister following her everywhere like a shadow, one time I got all the attention. I was climbing up on my crib (I had no idea how) and I thought I was playing superhero and I jumped and fell! When my mom came running to turn on the light, all she saw was me (as a baby) on the floor. When she tried to put on my shirt, she realized I had broken my arm. (If you have ever broken a bone, and you know how hard you were screaming, imagine a baby broken bone!) She ran red lights, honked her horn, rushed through traffic, and got me to the hospital. I was terrified! My mom held my hand and the next thing I knew, I was in a cast! I clinged to my mom. It was a miserable day. I am so thankful to have a very

Blake Eggleston-2nd grade, Mrs. Decker’s Class
I may be a normal average kid but I know my mom loves me. I am going to tell you about the time she proved that to me. It started when I was off to bed and my nose was really stuffed up. I was tossing and turning and snorting but it would not get any better. But when it got loud enough…My mom came into my room and told me told me to come sleep with her. And no matter how much my snorting annoyed her, she still helped me feel better. If your mom has to go through all of that for you like my mom, I think that makes

Addison Magsig—2nd Athens-Chilesburg
Elementary, Mrs. Decker’s Class
My Mom is always so busy with her job and school, but one time…we snuck out of the house! I said, “Where are we going?” She said, “It’s a surprise.” Then we turned into the best ice cream place… Orange Leaf! And then we got ice cream. Then she said, “It’s not over yet.” She took me to Kid to Kid so I could get a new toy. Whenever my mom makes time for me, it is very special.