Is there a new apartment complex coming to the Hamburg area? If so, where do they plan to build this complex? Who will be doing the construction?

apartment complex: hamburg pavilion arch with clear blue skyThere has been a proposition made by Ball Homes to build a 12 apartment building complex that will have 336 apartments. The location is north of the Man O War Boulevard and Polo Club Boulevard intersection.

Nick Nicholson, who represents Ball Homes, has filed an application for rezoning. The area is currently zoned for community center, but wants to make it a mix of expansion area residential zones.

The project wants to go along with Lexington and increase residential density in areas that can handle the addition and also develop vacant land.

One resident said about the news “On the outskirts, entirely car dependent, doesn’t really add density in a meaningful way. Everyone who lives here will need a car for everything. Disappointing, but hey, more housing.”

The new project will include an abundance of community open space and 15 acres of open space/greenway buffer between the property and adjacent neighbors. There will be around 22,000 square feet of recreational facilities built.

Pictured below is the vacant land where Ball Homes wants to build the apartment complex.

apartment compelx: picture of land with snow and bare trees
Photo courtesy of David O’Neill, PVA



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