September is Yoga Month

Celebrate with our neighbors at Grassroots
By Claire Ramsay


Tree Pose.

Warrior Pose.

Yoga is a workout for both the body and the mind. If you have never experienced a class or have been wanting to try something new, what better time than September which happens to be Yoga Month.

Over the summer, our neighborhood friends at Grassroots Pharmacy, Shelley and Lindsey Roberts, have been providing classes on their patio with instructor Peggy Baldridge.

Yoga: a woman doing warrior two in a purple top and black pantsIn 2005, Peggy’s doctor recommended yoga classes to help with her autoimmune disease and she immediately fell in love with the practice. More importantly, she began to feel better.

She began training to become an instructor in 2010 and by the next year she received her certificate.

There are many benefits to practicing yoga, such as reducing the risk of injury for those that play sports or stay active.

“This is great not only as we age, but for people who are active in other sports or activities. You can reduce your risk of injury by staying flexible and strong through yoga,” Peggy says.

Some yoga devotees have said the practice helps with weight and pain management, and even arthritis, asthma, and blood pressure.

Peggy says that yoga can “help counter the effects of the aging process by moving each joint in the body through its full range of motion. This helps to stretch, strengthen, and balance the body.”

Yoga: a female doing tree post in a blue top with black pantsThere is also the mental and emotional aspect of the practice and how it can improve your focus and concentration.

Peggy says that “Yoga is a great tool to help children and adults learn how to calm their minds and reduce stress and anxiety. It has been shown to help improve your mood and have a more relaxed and positive outlook on life.”

For those who have never taken a class but have always wanted to try, just go.

There are modifications for every pose that help beginners get started. Instructors are trained to adapt to their classes and who is participating.

If you weren’t a fan of your first class, don’t give up. Each class and each instructor is different — find that flow or stillness that best suits your needs and wants.

Yoga is a bit like swimming according to one note of advice from Peggy. “It is best not to eat at least an hour before doing yoga. Some postures are inverted and some twisting postures help massage your internal organs. Eating right before a class may make you feel uncomfortable.” It’s best to wait around 30 minutes after your class to get the full nutritional benefits. Preferably eat something with protein, carbs, fiber, and a small amount of fat. Smoothies are a great alternative to food if you’re on the go after class. Something that contains fruits, vegetables, good fats, and some protein.

Colorful yoga mats rolled up on a wooden floor in a yoga studio.Even though yoga has been around for centuries, some newcomers find it intimidating.

Use Yoga Month as an excuse to get out there and try something new. It could become your most favorite form of workout or your best ally to calming the mind.

Currently Grassroots has finished their summer line-up, but will have a fall schedule out soon.




Sep 7       Casa Superhero Run 2019, 8 am, Kentucky Horse Park

Sep 15     UKPA Run for the Health of It 5k, 8 am, Coldstream Park

Sep 19     KY Association of Community Health Workers Conference, 7:30 am, Embassy Suites

Sep 21     Victory Over Join Pain – The Upper Quarter, 8 am, Bluegrass Orthopedics

Sep 28     Bike Lexington Family Fun Ride, 8 am, Robert F. Stephens Courthouse

Sep 29     Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk, 1 pm, Kroger Field

Sep 29     Rising Stars Kids 3k presented by Grassroots Running Club, 3 pm, Liberty Elementary

Events may require tickets or registration Times, dates, and locations subject to change.




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