Graeter’s Ice Cream is a fan favorite in the Lexington area, with one being located in Hamburg. They host a Sweet Days of Summer each year that bring out bonus flavors. What will they be launching this summer?

Graeter's Ice Cream: ice cream cone with a chalk board in the back ground
Photo courtesy of Grater’s Ice Cream social media

Graeter’s Ice Cream is preparing to launch their first of five bonus flavors for their Sweet Days of Summer. The first to be released is called Malted Pretzel ball and is available starting Monday, May 13. It has a vanilla malt base with sweet vanilla and chocolate covered pretzel balls for that crunch.

The scoop shop will take to their social media to announce the other flavors throughout the summer. They are considered limited time only and once it is gone, it is retired for the year.

The remaining four flavors will be released every three weeks with the last one being on Monday, August 5, 2019.




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