GAP Conference: Grandparents as Parents set for October 

If you are raising a grandchild or another relative’s child, you’re not alone. Millions of grandparents and other relatives are raising children.

At last count, 100,000+ Kentucky children live in households headed by grandparents or relatives, with no parent present, according to recent studies.

The Bluegrass Regional Grandparents as Parents (GAP) Coalition will host its 18th annual conference on Thursday October 21 at the Clarion Hotel.

The keynote speaker will present two sessions, Understanding Bullying, and Caring for the Angry Child.

Dr. Malcolm Smith is the Director of the Courage to Care Project, a national research project and training center for fifth thru ninth graders.

Additional workshops will include Custody and Adoption, Youth Suicide Prevention, Basics of Brain Development, and more.

Happy Anniversary!

Preston Greens Senior Living celebrated a major anniversary in September! One year ago, they welcomed the very first resident to their community.



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