The Hamburg area is growing by the minute with businesses and living spaces. Its no shock that the Urban County Planning Commission recently voted to approve a zone change for 38 acres on Polo Club Boulevard.

Polo Club Boulevard: a man in a red shirt and reflective vest with plans rolle dupBall Homes development received approval for the zone change on 2575 Polo Club Boulevard, which is just past the I-75 interchange. This is their second approval for construction in the Hamburg area.

The zone change turned that area from an agricultural rural area to an expansion area due to the fact that the agricultural zone was no longer appropriate.

The proposed plan is for the development of 78 townhomes near the south end of the property and 80 homes to the north of Blackford Pkwy. The parkway will be extended through the property to Man o’ War Boulevard.

If all plans are approved by the council, Ball Homes is expected to provide a final development plan for the space.


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