Oh Christmas Tree? 


“Wood” you believe it’s almost that time of year?  It may seem early to be thinking about the holidays, but LFUCG is already on the hunt for this year’s perfect evergreen. Donate your tree and bring holiday cheer to the entire city of Lexington by having your tree chosen! For tree requirements and more info, contact Victoria Hamm at vhamm@lexingtonky.gov or (859) 288-2937.



Urban Service Area Expansion 

The Urban County Council has asked the Planning Commission to identify 2,700 – 5,000 acres of land to expand the Urban Service Area. To complete this task, an Urban Growth Management Advisory Committee was created and charged with aiding the Planning Commission with this process. The Council has identified a critical need for additional acreage inside the Urban Service Area for housing and job creation. The 2045 Comprehensive Plan shall maintain the Urban Service Area concept, but it is also this Plan’s responsibility to meet existing needs and plan for future growth to meet the needs of our community through 2045.

“This committee has been charged with guiding the Urban County Planning Commission’s task of fulfilling Goal 3 of the adopted 2045 Comprehensive Plan’s Goals and Objectives,” Committee Chair Larry Forrester said. “The committee has expressed a strong desire to be attentive to the community’s voice and needs, and to enlist the public for a role in framing the outcome.”

Councilmember Kathy Plomin says, “As the 12th District Councilmember, I serve on the Urban Growth Management Advisory Committee and I have recommended to minimize the impact on the district by encouraging the committee to choose the minimum of 2700 acres, and, to find a way to protect our historic hamlets that could potentially be included in some of the expansion areas.

“The committee recently discussed expansion in area C between Winchester Rd. and Royster Rd., which would include 3,041 acres.”




The City of Lexington offers Fayette County residents a free trash disposal day for non-hazardous household waste. The event will be held from 6 a. m. to 1 p.m. at the Bluegrass Regional Transfer Station, 1505 Old Frankfort Pike.

Fayette County residents may dispose of up to one pickup truck load of household waste. Bulky items, such as mattresses, furniture, and up to four tires off the rim, will be accepted at this event.

The guidelines for the free disposal day are:

  • Participants must present a valid Fayette County drivers’ license
  • All loads must be fit in a standard truck bed
  • All loads must be covered by a tarp
  • Only household waste will be accepted
  • No more than four tires will be accepted, and tires must be off the rim
  • No tire rims will be accepted
  • No commercial vehicles allowed
  • No hazardous materials, free-flowing liquids or yard waste material will be accepted

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