The Lexington Recycling Center will be shut down for a few days due to a mechanical problem. What exact days will it be shut down?

The city’s recycling center will be shut down Thursday, June 6 and Friday, June 7 due to a problem with the machine that separates aluminum cans from other materials. The replacement part needed for this fix is expected to arrive Friday.

Recycling Center: a conveyor belt with recyclablesWaste Management drivers will still collect recyclables during the shutdown and materials collected will be diverted to the Bluegrass Regional Transfer Station. Residents wanting to have their recyclables collected on Thursday or Friday should place their carts out like normal.

If your recyclables are collected by Republic Services, those items will be diverted to a recycling facility in Louisville. The Lexington recycling center is expected to reopen on Monday.

Lexington’s recycle center only accepts:

  • Dry cardboard
  • Aluminum/steel cans
  • Plastic bottles/jugs with a screwtop neck
  • Glass bottles/jars




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