“I was honored to join my colleagues and several members of the community as the Lexington Sporting Club officially announced their plans for a new stadium.”
—Councilmember Preston Worley

Lexington Sporting Club has announced that the club will build its soccer-specific stadium in Lexington.

The stadium, which will be built at the same location as the club’s youth fields off Athens Boonesboro Road near Interstate 75, is already under construction. It will initially have a capacity of 5,000 with the potential to expand to a maximum of 11,000. The seven training fields and the stadium will represent an investment of up to $82 million, providing a unique venue where youth and professionals will train on a daily basis.

The stadium builds off of a $34 million tourism development project that was approved by the state and has brought seven multipurpose youth sports fields to the same piece of property. The new fields are expected to generate more than $50 million in direct spending over the next 10 years.

“Lexington already has an enormous fan base for soccer. Thousands of our children have learned to love the game by playing it,” said Mayor Linda Gorton. “This new stadium will be an incredible home for our city’s professional soccer teams. Young people will enjoy the opportunity to play on the new soccer fields surrounding the stadium. The facility will support our hotels and our restaurants and produce new jobs.”

The stadium is expected to open in time for Lexington SC’s first game in the USL Super League in 2024.

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