Lexington’s southeast corridor is becoming destination dining for the bluegrass’s hot chicken lovers.

In November 2020, Joella’s Hot Chicken opened its second Lexington restaurant, this one in the Hamburg area.

Meanwhile, across the country, in 2017, four childhood friends with $900 bucks  in savings started a pop-up called Dave’s Hot Chicken in an East Hollywood parking lot. Earlier this year, Bill Phelps, CEO of Dave’s Hot Chicken, announced plans for 20 new locations in NYC.

Drake, a major Dave’s Hot Chicken investor recently took the reaper challenge and only made it halfway through the sandwich. He told People Magazine of his involvement with the restaurant,  “I tried the food, and it was amazing. After meeting the founders and hearing their story I jumped at the opportunity to invest.”

The company has already expanded to Colorado, Illinois, Nevada, Oregon and Texas, and Kentucky is up. A new location on Richmond Road is expected later this year.