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In Orthopedics, ‘We Save Lifestyles’

Staying active is a key ingredient to a healthy lifestyle. Sometimes, though, activity can lead to injury and create roadblocks to maintaining the healthy lifestyle. That’s where orthopedic physicians can help.

“In orthopedics the saying is, we don’t save lives, but we save lifestyles,” said Frank Taddeo, MD, who joined CHI Saint Joseph Medical Group – Orthopedics in Lexington, Winchester and Mount Sterling as a sports medicine physician last summer. “We strive to keep people as active as they can be for as long as they can be. It could be getting out and walking around the block or getting back to an elite sport.”

Dr. Taddeo originally began his career in family medicine, but his passion for musculoskeletal medicine drove him to further specialize his skills. This pursuit allowed him to focus on the science of healing acute and chronic muscle, tendon and bone issues in all age groups. His dedication to personal wellness and caring for athletes of all ages and fitness levels led him to pursue a career in sports medicine. His patients range from the 60-year-old who wants to be active and go fishing to elite athletes who have suffered an injury. He begins by identifying a treatment plan based on the patient’s goals and lifestyle. He said surgery is not the only option for orthopedic injuries, with new types of treatment providing relief for many injuries. Dr. Taddeo uses ultrasound guided procedures and diagnosis, allowing him to diagnose and treat injuries in his office.

“My passion has always revolved around how we move. If we can better understand how or why we get injured we can begin to correct how to move. Once we accomplish that, healing should soon follow. My job is to take patients through that process and hopefully ease some of the burden along the way,” said Dr. Taddeo. “It’s important that people enjoy staying active throughout every stage of their lives. This is why I focus on identifying a treatment plan based on each patient’s individual goals.”

Dr. Taddeo is actively involved in his field. He is a member of the American Medical Society for Sports Medicine, the American College of Sports Medicine and the American Academy of Family Physicians. He has also volunteered his medical assistance at various sporting events and clinics, including USA Boxing and the University of North Dakota athletics. He’s looking forward to being involved in the Lexington community.

“My goal is to develop relationships with my patients and to be an advocate for them,” said Dr. Taddeo. “I’ve been able to treat patients across the nation, but Kentucky has always been in the back of my mind. I’m excited and ready to grow my career in this community and develop those relationships with my new patients.”

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