Mayor Linda Gorton joined in a celebration of the City’s sustainability program, Solarize Lexington, which has helped dozens of Lexington homeowners install solar panels.“Solarize Lexington has provided an amazing opportunity for Lexington residents to safely have solar panels installed on their home, at a discounted rate,” Mayor Linda Gorton said. “This sustainability program is helping homeowners reduce their dependence on the electric grid.”

The program, which provides a discount of up to 23 percent on the cost of installation of a solar energy system, is open to all homeowners in Lexington. Other property owners (non-profits, small businesses, places of worship) can also apply.

Solarize Lexington helps address the main challenges homeowners face when looking to switch to solar energy — finding a trusted and proven installer, finding the lowest price, and having a guide to walk them through the process. “The launch of Solarize Lexington in 2023 has proven to be a major step forward in community solar growth in Kentucky,” said Steve Ricketts, chair of the Kentucky Solar Energy Society. “Building on last year’s nationally recognized Solar Over Louisville campaign, Lexington has put a very strong focus on providing low-and moderate-income households equitable grant-supported access to renewable energy options. As a result, 38 of 58 new solar homes in this program have been for low- and moderate-income households. This firmly establishes Lexington as the defining regional leader in growing solar access for all.”

Solar Energy Solutions was selected as the local solar installer for the program. Jeffrey Nazarko, Vice President of Solar Energy Solutions says, “We are a Lexington-based business that has been operating and serving the residents since 2006.”

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