October is Lex on the Move

By Kristina Rosen


This is the month to ‘Move It’ thanks to Lex on the Move, the Lexington Area Metro Planning Organization’s October initiative to encourage local area businesses to engage in active commuting.

The challenge asks participating companies and their staff members to “step up” to find healthier, greener ways to commute to work in October. Whether that’s to simply walk, share a ride with a coworker, hop a bus or a bike. 79 percent of Lexington Area Residents report driving to work alone as their primary means of commuting. This October initiative hopes to raise awareness about solo driving and the alternatives.

Lexington: a man on a bike with a blue sky behind him
Photo by Austin Johnson/ HJ

The more active a workforce is throughout the month, the better their chance of redeeming the benefits and good publicity while the most active individuals receive company perks or incentives provided by employers.

But the bottom line benefits to businesses are worthwhile regardless of the rewards from the challenge. How so?

Regular physical activity can lead to a healthier, happier, more engaged staff, increased employee retention, fewer sick days, more camaraderie, enhance workplace culture, attract millennials, reduce stress, increase productivity, and reduce parking demand.

Did you know that 30% of trips are under 2 miles in Lexington? As of now, Lexington has over 100 miles of bike lanes and shared use trails with more than 218 miles on the way.

Lex on the Move is an initiative sponsored by the Lexington Area Metropolitan Planning Organization.

Unfamiliar with an MPO? It is a transportation policy-making group of representatives from local, state and federal government, transit agencies, transportation providers and other local stakeholders. Urban cities with more than 50,000 people must designate an MPO to conduct transportation planning activities.

The Lexington Area MPO works to ensure that transportation projects and programs are based on local priorities and mutually agreed upon goals.

Lexington: a man in a business suit speaking at a podium
Photo by Megan McCardwell/ HJ

Mike Sewell, who serves as the Project Manager for the Town Branch Commons Project, was surprised with how well the Lexington Area MPO and LFUCG functions together.

“From the get-go LFUCG exhibited a lot of coordination which is unusual for a municipality. They tied it to the overall vision of the community and worked well with the Lexington Area MPO. It was refreshing to see how well the city functions in a managerial capacity.”

Interested in joining the movement?

Businesses and organizations can head to the Lexington Area MPO website to sign up. Offer your employees the plan and provide incentives to participate. (Results will be submitted at the end of November.)



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