Dear Residents and Friends of the 6th District,

I am excited to introduce myself as your newly appointed Councilmember!

On August 11th I was honored to accept the Mayor’s appointment to serve as the 6th District Councilmember through the end of the year.  I am both humbled and honored to accept this challenge and I look forward to diving into the many complex issues currently facing our City and District- from the ongoing response to COVID-19, looming budgetary shortfalls, and the safety of our neighborhoods and most vulnerable populations.

In my role as the Assistant Vice President for Community Engagement at the University of Kentucky I develop, implement, and assess significant community based projects that create robust partnerships between the University community and local, state, and regional constituencies.  I look forward to using my experience to represent and amplify the voices of 6th District citizens at City Hall.

I believe our District is truly a reflection of our whole County. From the historic Joyland neighborhood with its scenic rural farmland, the tried and true Northenders, our blue collar workers, the mixed use of the Hamburg area, families with small children, and the thriving Cadentown to name a few. I’m proud to follow former Councilwoman Angela Evans in this position. She has told me of her connections to the district’s neighborhood associations, the Youth Citizens Academy, Station Nation Trail, and Mary Todd Park Day, to name just a few. I plan to continue those partnerships, and to keep district residents up-to-date through my office staff and communications.

I have retained the services of Deborah Slone, who will continue as my Legislative Aide.  Deborah has 6+ years of experience with the Urban County Council and the 6th District Office, and she will help to ensure that my office will provide a smooth continuity of services to citizens.  You may reach out to her for assistance with any questions or concerns you may have.

I look forward to learning more about one another in the coming months, and connecting with you through regular communications via my office newsletter and through updates on social media.  My office will remain open to your feedback on important issues.  You can stay connected with me through my website at  and on Facebook at

I appreciate the opportunity to serve as your representative on Council and the work we will accomplish together.

Warmest Wishes,



This article also appears on page 7 the September 2020 print edition of Hamburg Journal.

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