Hungry, Hungry Hippo Finds a New Forever Home 

If you spent just one minute with Fritz, the “couch hippo” today, you would have no clue of the hardships he faced. He hides it well behind his big jowls and slobbery kisses. But, sadly, someone abandoned this poor guy at the Lexington Humane Society in the middle of the night; he was found bleeding and tied to the building with a shoestring.

Thankfully, he received immediate care from the on-staff medical team. Throughout his examination and prep for surgery, he never stopped wagging his tail and trying to lick his rescuers. He was one happy, happy hippo knowing help had arrived.

The perfect name was obvious —it just took one glance to know this was “Fritz,” named in honor of the hippopotamus born this summer at the Cincinnati Zoo. These look-alikes are both happy, handsome boys with big personalities!

Fritz now feels great, looks great, and is one hungry, hungry hippo thanks to life-saving care. And he has been adopted by a loving family!

That’s what LHS does: heals wounds, mends broken hearts, and makes tails wag again. 

LHS is always in need of volunteers and donations to help care for the thousands of dogs and cats, and the occasional ‘hippo,’ that arrive looking for help every year. 

Fritz, a bully mix, is the beneficiary of LHS’s Second Chances fund, which helps support extreme medical emergencies.