Cam Jones: Frederick Douglass Quarterback has now officially committed to University of Cincinnati. On Wednesday, December 19 Senior Cam Jones and signed his National Letter of Intent to play football at the University of Cincinnati. Cam Jones was also the cover story back in August 2018 that talked about prepping for a winning season.

Students, teachers, and media made their way into the Frederick Douglass auditorium to watch this young man’s life change. Surrounded by his family and friends, Cam Jones signed his name to commit to UC and then proceeded to put on a Bearcats hat. When asked why he chose the University of Cincinnati Jones said, “It’s just a feeling. When you are there, you just feel like you’re home. It just feels like they truly want me there. I can just tell it’s the place for me.”

Coach Landis, one of Cam’s biggest fans and motivators, was very excited to see one of his players make it to the next level. When asked what this moment means for the future of his program he said, “This makes the younger guys excited. Shows them that hard work and dedication on and off the field can translate to big things. Getting a $120,000 education because of the hard work he put in each day.” Jones is Landis’ second strait D1 commit. Landis said, “We had 2 college commits in the last 2 years and not a lot of schools around here can say that.” Coach Landis chatted with HJ back when Hamburg got it’s first high school football team in 2017.

When asked what he wants to work on once he gets to Cincinnati he said “I just want to get quicker on my feet so I can be more mobile. Basically whatever they want me to work on. They are going to work with me once I get there, so whatever they need me to do.” It was a proud moment for not only the Jones family, but the Frederick Douglass family as a whole. Congratulations to Cam Jones and his family.


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