The Kloiber Foundation Pavilion at the Hamburg YMCA

The Hamburg YMCA, also known as the Whitaker Family YMCA, held a Dedication Ceremony for its new Outdoor Pavilion on June 26.

YMCA of Central Kentucky celebrated the completion of the outdoor pavilion and honored the lead benefactor, the Kloiber Foundation, and thank them for their role in completing the project.

YMCA campers perform a camp song and the audience dances along

The new 4,000-square-foot outdoor pavilion was built to provide shelter and shade to YMCA summer camp participants. Several summer campers gave a performance of their hit camp song “Going on a Lion Hunt” at the ceremony. Everyone in attendance sang and danced along with the campers.

“YMCA summer camp now has the facilities needed to better serve children and their families for years to come,” said David Martorano president and CEO of the YMCA of Central Kentucky. “We are honored to recognize the Kloiber Foundation for such an impactful gift and aligning to our focus to give all children access to summer activities keeping their minds and bodies learning and growing during out of school time.”

When asked what his motivations were for pursuing these projects, David Kloiber, the president of the Kloiber Foundation, said growing up, his parents always wanted him and his three younger brothers to be a part of different programs and/or camps, “It didn’t matter what we were doing, it was just always keeping us involved.”

Left to right: Nicholas England, David Kloiber, and Marci Kloiber (Kloiber Foundation), David Martorano (President and CEO of the YMCA of Central Kentucky).

“I felt very strongly that those types of programs helped shape who I was,” Kloiber said, and as to why his family chose to focus the efforts of the Kloiber Foundation on educational and extracurricular activities for kids.

YMCA primarily serves 300 summer campers per week for 10 weeks during this summer season, and expects to continue and grow for years to come. The new facility includes restrooms, water fountains, permanent shaded areas, picnic tables, and backpack storage. YMCA members also have access to the pavilion outside of camp hours.

The Hamburg YMCA is located at 2681 Old Rosebud Road.

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