The Lexington Fire Department celebrated the graduation of 18 of its newest CompanyOfficers at the Fire Training Center. This is the fifth class of newly promoted lieutenants to complete the intensive five-week training program in preparation for their new roles as company officers. 

New Lieutenants in order of promotion
Lt. Jon Turner
Lt. Steve McCrum
Lt. Richard Harris
Lt. Jessica Bowman
Lt. Brad Ault
Lt. Morgan Klingshirn
Lt. Wes Watts
Lt. Justin Dee
Lt. Billy McIntosh
Lt. Maquel Johnson
Lt. Anthony Johnson
Lt. Joe Sexton
Lt. Curtis Manning
Lt. Sam Baumgartner
Lt. Mark Hawkins
Lt. Corey Calloway
Firefighter Josh Dollins
Firefighter Matt Wood

This article also appears on page 6 of the April 2018 print edition of Hamburg Journal. 

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