Hearing Problems? 

Lexington’s Senior Center off Richmond Road at New Circle hosted a Senior Health Fair with 50+ vendors.

The Induction Loop Hearing Assistance Technology is now at Lexington Senior Center. A recent technology upgrade was installed at the front reception counter of the Senior Center. Anyone that has T-Coil equipped hearing aids needs simply switch their aids to the T-Coil mode and they will be able to easily communicate with the receptionist. This technology uses a very low level magnetic field that transmits the receptionist voice directly into the hearing aid thus eliminating all the external noise and distractions from adjacent sounds. 

Lexington’s Senior Center is located in our southeast Lexington neighborhood behind Southland Christian Church in one of our busiest corridors off Richmond Road. It is a citywide resource for Lexington Kentucky’s Senior population.

This article appears in the monthly senior living section of the March 2022 edition of the Hamburg Journal. The Hamburg Journal is a glossy business and lifestyle magazine serving Lexington KY’s fastest growing neighborhoods.