Jacobson Dog Park Ribbon-Cutting
A ribbon-cutting ceremony at Jacobson Park celebrated the Dog Park’s expansion.

Hamburg-area dog owners rejoice: The Jacobson Dog Park, Lexington’s original dog park, has undergone an expansion and renovation. The Dog Park started as a small enclosure less than an acre in size in 1991, and is now almost 8 acres in size.

“The public-private partnership between the City and Friends of the Dog Park has produced wonderful gathering spaces for citizens and our four-legged friends,” Mayor Jim Gray said.

A $75,000 contribution by the city has led to another expansion of the facility. The park nearly doubled in size, it was divided into paddocks for larger and smaller dogs, and new gates and wood fencing replaced the chain link fence. In addition, parking was expanded and new sidewalks were added for dog owners.

“Dog parks are an important contributor to a community’s quality of life. The thousands of citizens who use them in Lexington each year highlight their value, as well as the relationship between the Friends of the Dog Park and the city,” Lexington Vice Mayor Linda Gorton said.

Friends of the Dog Park, Inc. formed in 2000. The organization has raised over $130,000 for dog park construction and amenities, primarily through its annual Dog Paddle fundraiser. This year’s Dog Paddle is scheduled for Saturday, September 6.