The Rite Aid on Executive Drive has put up signs saying it will close its pharmacy on February 20 and the entire store on March 6. Pharmacy prescriptions will be transferred over to the Walgreens down the road at 1027 Winchester Rd.

rite aid logoWhat about the Rite Aid on Polo Club? Is it closing? There is no news posted about this location, but they have already changed their voice system to say Walgreens.

This closing is just one of many to happen in Kentucky due to the merger with Walgreens. The company acquired Rite Aid back in 2017 and said once the deal was complete they would begin shutting down 600 stores. This shut down will take effect over the course of 18 months.

The acquisition is for 1,932 Rite Aids and the stores that have not been selected to be shut down will be transitioned into a Walgreens. This integration is expected to be completed by the end of the 2020 fiscal year.

The purchase of Rite Aid will give Walgreens’ rival, CVS, a run for its money and will leave the nation with only two major pharmacy chains. CVS has around 9,600 locations and Walgreens will have almost as many.

When a store transfers ownership, the location becomes a Walgreens-Owned Rite Aid store and Rite Aid employees become Walgreens employees.



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