zeb-weese Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin has appointed Zeb Weese as director of the Kentucky State Nature Preserves Commission.

Weese, a graduate of the University of Kentucky with bachelors’ degrees in zoology and history and masters’ degrees in forestry and history, Weese first served in the KSNPC in 2006 as a natural areas manager. His duties ranged from hiking trail construction to invasive species control. He conducted zoological surveys and rare species management. Prior to that, he worked at both Natural Bridge State Park and the Kentucky Department for Fish and Wildlife Resources as a conservation educator and natural resource manager.

After leaving KSNPC in 2011, Weese became the program coordinator and staff biologist for the Kentucky Heritage Land Conservation Fund, a position he held until his recent appointment.

“I am excited to play a role in furthering the KSNPC’s mission to promote understanding and appreciation of the aesthetic, cultural, scientific and spiritual values of our natural areas,” Weese said. “These special places are part of our legacy to our children and future generations.”

The Kentucky State Nature Preserves Commission protects Kentucky’s natural habitat by identifying, acquiring and managing natural areas that represent the best known occurrences of rare native species and significant natural features in a statewide nature preserve system. It works with others to protect biological diversity and educates Kentuckians to the value and purpose of biodiversity conservation.

KSNPC Commissioner Carl W. Breeding said he was very pleased with Weese’s appointment. “I’m very confident that he will take the preserves to the next level,” Breeding said.