The mission of Office Resources, Inc. (ORI) is to revolutionize work environments in Central Kentucky and they’re doing that right within the Hamburg neighborhood. ORI, which acquired Cardinal Office Systems in 2012, opened a futuristic office showroom on Fortune Drive in March.

“Everything we do is about supporting the ways that people work, making businesses and healthcare organizations better, and designing around that.,” says Caitlin Neal, Director of Sales for ORI.

ORI relocated to Fortune Drive from Nicholasville with the goal to bring their warehouse and office space together in one convenient location closer to Lexington. Neal explains, “Plain and simple, Lexington work environments are behind.”

Due to the pandemic and a shift in working from home, Neal admits it has been interesting how businesses have responded. In the spring, businesses became passionate about motivating their employees to return to a workroom environment that is better than when they left. Swapping cubicles for standing desks and incorporating new design elements that support social distancing and allow employees to feel safe at work.

Where most design processes start with aesthetics, ORI works in the opposite direction. The company begins the process of building a work environment by first finding out the goals of a business, their growth plan, the type of people they want to attract, and more. All of those factors come prior to deciding a color palette.

“We think there is a better way that you can create a work environment that supports your business goals, makes your business better, helps with attraction and retention, and also gives your people a level of autonomy,” says Neal.

The Lexington ORI showroom is open for tours by appointment only.


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