Protect your dog and home from each other

By: Bridget Johnson


With a new year comes a fresh start, and a chance to make your home safe for your new puppy. A new dog presents an assortment of challenges. One that is imperative to the dog’s safety (and your sanity) is “puppy proofing.” Although you will train your pup what is appropriate to chew and what is off limits, it will make your life much easier if you re-organize your home with the dog in mind.

In the Living Room:

Living Areas are often a catchall of personal items; your laptop case from work, your favorite pair of comfy shoes, all of the throw pillows you can imagine. This fix is simple. Be diligent about putting items of value (monetary or sentimental) out of reach or behind a closed door. If you have to turn a doorknob to get an item, it is puppy proofed to the highest standard. Tuck your fluffy items like throw blankets and pillows in an ottoman when not in use.

In the Kitchen:

Although your puppy is small, he can still wiggle or nose his way into many undesirable areas. Using baby safe cabinet latches will prevent your new friend from getting into dangerous cleaning supplies and water lines. Throw away trash in a tall, lidded garbage can. Keep the floor well swept to prevent unintentional ingestion of people food. Even a small piece of some food can be toxic.

In the Bathroom:

If your little friend has free roam of your home, bathrooms can be a very dangerous place for them. Keeping the toilet closed is crucial, as it presents the dangers of both drowning and chemical risks. Any hair tools should be unplugged or placed in a cabinet with a child latch to prevent your cords from being chewed through and shocking  you or your puppy.

If you keep an eye out for things that your dog is drawn to, puppy proofing becomes a simpler feat. Puppies are incredibly curious creatures, however, building some basic habits to keep your house clean will leave you and your buddy happy and health. Spend time curled up by the fire with your sweet new family member instead of following them around pulling phone chargers out of their mouth.


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