The Lexington Humane Society is implementing a new program for senior and hospice animals. Thanks to the wonderful support of the Campbell family, the James L. and Dee S. Campbell Senior and Hospice Pet Care Program has already saved a number of animals and looks to save many more over the years. 

The program, which is part of the Second Chances program, supports senior or hospice dogs and cats who come into the shelter with advanced medical conditions, but may have many months or even years left to enjoy life. The program provides medical diagnostic tests to ensure quality of life, advanced treatments and medicines, and basic veterinary care, as well as other common pet care.

Since implementing the program only last month, several animals have already been helped through its many services. Mimi, a 10-year-old Boston Terrier mix, came to LHS as a stray with dental, eye, and skin issues, an upper respiratory infection, and heartworm disease. Despite her many ailments, she was a sweet, older gal who remained resilient. She went to live with an incredible foster parent to enjoy peace and quiet while recovering during her heartworm treatment. The plan is for Mimi to go up for adoption once she completes her treatment. However, rumor has it her foster parent has fallen in love; after years of suffering and neglect, it looks like Mimi may have found her forever home – all thanks to this program.

Jada, a 14-year-old pit bull mix, who also arrived at LHS as a stray, was covered in masses and tumors, with cancer being the ultimate suspect. While her time may have been short, her life did not have to be short on love. Jada was an immediate candidate for the hospice foster care program, sponsored by the Campbell family. Whether it was for two days, two weeks, or two months, the goal was for the remainder of her time to be spent in a loving home filled with lots of treats, kisses, and belly rubs. An amazing foster family took her in and have been caring for her and they, too, have fallen in love. 

The James L. and Dee S. Campbell Senior and Hospice Pet Care Program is a transformative new program that will save lives.

This article can also be found on page 19 of the June edition of Hamburg Journal.